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School Resource Officer/Youth Court Officer

  • Cst. Michelle Harrison

School Liaison Officers

Amherst Regional High School

  • Cst. Jade Pratt
  • Cst. Jeff Walsh

E.B. Chandler Jr. High School

  • Cst. Aaron Graham
  • Cst. Randy Babineau

Spring Street Academy

  • Cst. Michelle Harrison

West Highlands Elementary School

  • Cst. Michelle Harrison

The department’s School Liaison Program has been in place for over 15 years. The School Liaison/Resource Officers are a resource for the staff, students, and parents to assist in addressing any police, and often non police, related issues. The goals of the program are:

  • To assist the schools in providing a safe learning environment.
  • To develop a positive and trusting relationship with students, staff and parents.
  • To deliver police-related presentations and programs.
  • To provide the required police related operational support services. (e.g. investigations of offences, radar enforcement of school zones)

Designated School Liaison Officers are assigned to each school. The Liaison Officers are Platoon officers who are assigned to General Duties, with the School Liaison Program being just one of their responsibilities. In 2009 the Department received a provincially funded position for a School Resource/Youth Court Officer. The School Resource Officer position is dedicated to working with youth at the Schools and those who are involved in the Courts and is in addition to the Liaison Officers.

The Resource and Liaison officers in consultation with staff, students and parents provide assistance to address any issues of concern and provide various programs to the school.

With the student body being well over 1,700, having these members assigned to these schools is beneficial as it provides a regular presence within the schools. The officers conduct regular foot patrols at the schools to interact with students and staff. Through this interaction staff, students and police become more familiar and comfortable with one another, building trusting and positive relationships between police and youth. A positive relationship between police, staff, students and parents helps to create effective communication between all parties. Effective communication between all stakeholders is necessary for the program to be successful.

The majority of the investigations of incidents that occur at or are related to the school are completed by one of the officers. Familiarity with any history leading up to the incident, and with parties involved is an asset to the officers assigned to an investigation.


The following are just some of the programs and presentations the officers involved in the School Liaison Program were involved in during the past year.

Schools Plus

This program is to identify and provide early intervention for "at-risk" youth. At risk youth include students who have displayed school attendance issues, behavioral/discipline issues, and/or school engagement issues. The Schools Plus Program is coordinated by the Department of Education. The Amherst Police Department is one of several partner agencies that ensure the necessary resources are available to the students and their families.

Impaired Driving - EBC and ARHS: Provides information on the impaired driving laws, and demonstration of the tools used by the police in the enforcement of these laws.

Drug Awareness - EBC and ARHS: Presented to youth and parents. Information on various types of drugs, availability, indicators of use, health issues, local resources for parents and youth seeking help.

Bullying - Elementary and EBC: Teaches students how to report bullying, how to avoid bullying, how not to be a victim, what to do if you see bullying, identifies what bullying is and what a make a person a bully, and how it impacts the victim.

Bicycle Rodeo - Elementary: A bicycle rodeo is held at each elementary school. Includes Bicycle safety presentation and students participate in a bicycle driving course thattests their skills and knowledge of how to operate a bicycle. Each participant’s bicycle is inspected. Two new bicycles, bicycle helmets and other bicycle equipment are donated as prizes to each school by local sponsors.

Parent Alert Program - Presentations to parents on the following topics:

  • Drug and Alcohol Abuse Level I
  • Drug and Alcohol Abuse Level II
  • Internet Safety
  • Street Gangs