Accessibility Tools

The Town of Amherst’s vision is to be a healthy, prosperous, inclusive and environmentally sustainable community in which people of all ages, abilities, genders and cultures are engaged and proud to live, work and play. We are committed to ensuring that all citizens have the equitable opportunity to contribute and be valued.

We believe in supporting diversity, inclusion and dignity for all citizens of our community.

We further seek to understand how we can be more responsive to the needs of the underrepresented groups of our community. We recognize that we need to create a space that is safe for their voices to be heard thus creating a community that is balanced, equitable and committed to ongoing review of our vision’s objectives.

With the guidance of the Town of Amherst Inclusion, Diversity and Equity Committee we will commit to doing the necessary work, by fostering strong relationships with
underrepresented groups, gathering feedback, researching and revising relevant policies, creating actionable, achievable goals and adequately resourcing the work.