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So, you want to be a firefighter?

The rewards of being a firefighter are exciting and extensive. However, the job is physically and mentally challenging as firefighters work in variousWeb 1 environments.

It is important that you have a strong understanding of the role and job requirements of a firefighter in today’s society. This will enable you to make an informed decision when submitting your application.

In order to be a volunteer member of the Amherst Fire Department, you must be a resident within the primary response area of the Amherst Fire Department.

Before applying, please read and understood the Firefighter Job Description in its entirety. Although much effort has been taken to ensure the list is accurate and reflects the most common duties – both emergency and non‐emergency ­– it is certainly not an all‐inclusive list. The role of the modern firefighter is constantly evolving, especially duties assigned at the various scene’s firefighters are dispatched to.

Once you have read the job description, your second step will be to complete basic application information below and submit it. Once your application has been received, it will be reviewed by the Fire Chief and an in‐person interview will be scheduled with you at a later date.

If you are a successful applicant, you will become a Probationary Member for a minimum of one year. You will have one month to get a medical assessment completed by a qualified physician. It is your responsibility to provide a copy of the Firefighter Job Description to the physician conducting the medical assessment. The cost of having the medical assessment completed and any related tests performed is the responsibility of the applicant.

If you have any questions then please direct them by email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


The rewards of being a Firefighter are extensive. The work is exciting and challenging. Below you will find a summary of key components of the job.


The Firefighter is responsible for firefighting, rescue and emergency medical and other related services. The Firefighter is responsible for rapidly, efficiently and safely performing various duties under emergency, oftentimes hazardous, conditions. The work includes routine duties in the maintenance of firefighting vehicles, equipment and fire department facilities. The Firefighter may be responsible for fire ground and emergency operations until command is assumed by an officer.


  • Responds to emergency calls, lays and connects hose, holds nozzles and directs water streams, raises and climbs ladders, uses extinguishers and other equipmentWeb 3
  • Wears self‐contained breathing apparatus and full protective clothing while working in noxious and/or smoke-filled environments
  • Ventilates buildings or areas to release heat, smoke or fumes
  • Places salvage covers so as to protect property and prevent water damage
  • Performs overhaul operations in order to ensure fire is completely extinguished
  • Provides search and rescue in various forms
  • Conducts fire suppression activities for structure fires, vehicle fires, forest/brush fires and other fires
  • Drives and operates firefighting and emergency equipment as assigned
  • Provides first responder actions to emergency medical and hazardous materials calls
  • Drives, checks safety of immediate area, brings required medical equipment
  • Assesses situation/victim by taking medical history, visual and vital signs
  • Conducts appropriate intervention, including CPR and other first‐aid as required
  • Assists paramedics, conveys information, lifts and carries heavy patients, etc...
  • Manages crowds/bystanders/victim's relatives, etc...
  • Performs a variety of rescue‐related duties to protect the public and lessen severity of injuries related to motor vehicle accidents, confinedWeb 2 space entrapment, water hazards, industrial accidents, incidents involving hazardous materials, etc...
  • Perform rescue/extrication operations where necessary to prevent loss of life or further injury
  • Provide traffic control at the scene of motor vehicle accidents
  • Responds to non‐emergency calls as required
  • Maintains vital incident report information for investigative and record keeping purposes
  • Provide service assistance to, but not restricted to, the following: police, paramedics and public
  • Attends on duty training sessions and off-site training courses as necessary
  • Maintains equipment in good repair in accordance with organizational policies and procedures
  • Responsible for workplace safety as outlined in the Nova Scotia Occupational Health & Safety Act and organizational policies, procedures and guidelines
  • Responsible for upgrading and maintaining skills/knowledge and physical requirements to current standards
  • Performs related duties as required


  • Ability to understand and communicate clearly in English (oral and written)Web 6 B
  • Grade 12 education certificate or equivalent
  • A valid Nova Scotia driver's licence (Class 5)
  • A respected member of the community, including no conviction for a criminal offence
  • Ability to pass a medical examination
  • Behavioral Competencies:
    • Communication
    • Customer Service
    • Flexibility
    • Teamwork and Co-operation
    • Valuing Diversity


  • Work environment requires the ability to react quickly and remain calm under stressful situations
  • Must possess agility and stamina to perform all functions of this position under adverse conditions


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