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Project Goal

Construction and operation of a financially feasible modern multi-purpose complex that includes an environmentally friendly, safe and inclusive facility that meets the needs of our citizens and partners by promoting community pride, healthy active lifestyles, and vibrancy that reflects community values and heritage.

Project Completion

Spring 2026

Project Background

The Town of Amherst, in partnership with the Municipality of the County of Cumberland, initiated a process to investigate the feasibility of a modern multi-purpose complex.

Amherst boasts great assets that accommodate community recreation and leisure needs, including the Amherst Stadium and Four Fathers Memorial Library. However, new needs and interests have been emerging as the population grows and becomes more diverse. The need for a community centre was identified in the Town’s 2016 Recreation Master Plan. It is also recognized that such a facility could serve residents throughout the broader Cumberland region.

Sierra Planning and Management is leading the study, along with DSRA Architecture.

Assessment of the feasibility of a new recreation facility serving all communities in the Cumberland region requires a clear process:

  1. Reviewing best practices – examples of similar facilities in comparable communities in Nova Scotia, Atlantic Canada, and nationally;
  2. Trends – the potential for innovations in design, programming, sustainability, and operations;
  3. Initial engagement – with user groups and stakeholders. Broader public consultation will occur as development concepts and options are identified;
  4. Understanding needs and interests – what amenities and programs are necessary to meet the desired needs and interests in the context of existing facilities and programs?
  5. Review by the public – once a defined plan for a new facility emerges.


Current Status

  1. Meet with potential stakeholders, particularly Cumberland County (Ongoing)
  2. Develop a high-level funding needs/costs impact document (Summer 2024)
  3. Meet with additional equity-deserving users/stakeholders (Summer 2024)
  4. Determine uses/users included (Summer 2024)
  5. Decision on "moving forward" (Summer 2024)
  6. Develop a plan for implementation (September 2024)

Project Contact

Andrew Fisher, Director, Planning & Strategic Initiatives, Town of Amherst
Phone: 902-664-6580
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.