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The Great Amherst Street Party

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Esther Fest will soon be here! From October 17-30, 2023 - there are a frightening number of events to choose from

For more details on the full line-up of activities, please visit:

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Esther Fest, a celebration of the paranormal and horror, inspired by Esther Cox and her story, which takes place annually in Amherst during October.

In 1878, Amherst, Nova Scotia, made international headlines when Esther Cox, an 18-year-old resident of the town, reportedly found herself at the centre of a bizarre series of events that became known as The Great Amherst Mystery.

Strange rappings and bangings were heard throughout her home. Objects flew through the air. Esther writhed in pain and swelled to twice her normal size. Countless people watched as fires were started and an unknown hand scratched into the wall above Esther's bed: “Esther Cox You Are Mine To Kill.”

The story has become known in paranormal literature as one of the best documented cases of poltergeist activity on record. The New York Sun said it was, “ all probability the greatest (tale) of its kind in this or any age.” MacLean’s magazine called it, “Canada’s most famous ghost story and a classic Poltergeist case.”

The story has been featured in a number of books and television programs about the supernatural.