I feel strongly that the key to effective policing is building relationships within our community. While the geographical boundaries of the Town of Amherst are clearly established, "Our Community" is not so easily defined. For me our community is the people. As a police service we strive to meet the needs of all citizens including youth, seniors, persons with special needs, education, business, health care, and many more.

This requires police to work in partnership with the community, to identify the needs of the community, and together, develop solutions. These partnerships require a relationship that is built on mutual respect and trust. Our department has been successful in developing many community partnerships which include our schools, business, local health authority and seniors. This has resulted in the development of programs such as School Liaison, Senior's Police Academy, Cops4Kids, Business Liaison and Bar Suspension Programs. Through these partnerships we have also identified strategies to improve the efficiency of our department, allowing us to accomplish more with the resources.

Our website provides us with the ability to share information with our community, to help them gain an understanding of who we are and what we do; in essence, helping to build our relationship with all the citizens of our community.

The primary goal of any police service is public safety. This not only means a safe community, but that our citizens feel safe. We value the partnerships with our community and their contributions in helping us to achieve this goal. We look forward to building on our successes and continuing to provide the citizens of Amherst with a professional, efficient and effective police service.


Ian Naylor,
Chief of Police