Councillor George Baker

Coun Baker B


Councillor George Baker was born in Shinimicas and has been a resident of Amherst for 62 years.

He and his partner, Ann, have seven children and numerous grandchildren and great grandchildren.

Baker’s entrepreneurial spirit has led him to operate Baker’s Shuttle & Taxi.

Active in the community, Baker is on the board of directors for the Community Credit Union and serves as chair of the local Victorian Order of Nurses (VON).

Volunteer work has been an important part of Baker’s life over the years. He has served as past president of the Amherst Jr. Ramblers for eight years, played an integral part in the reopening of the Amherst YMCA and was involved in many fundraising campaigns throughout the years.

Baker has also volunteered with the Children’s Wish Foundation, Kidney Foundation and Heart and Stroke Foundation.

With 20 years of experience as a councillor, Baker is pleased to be re-elected and to serve the people of Amherst.

As a loyal Amherstonian, Baker believes the well-being of Amherst’s residents is a top priority.



Committee of the Whole

Audit Committee

Amherst Board of Police Commissioners

Cumberland Joint Services Management Authority (CJSMA)

Norther Regional Solid Waste Committee


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