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Current Employment Opportunities

*Amherst Police Department will accept resumes and keep them on file for a period of 6 months* 

Police Officer Prerequisites

You must:

  • be a Canadian citizen or permanent resident at the time of application
  • be 19 years of age
  • hold a valid driver's license
  • be a graduate of a recognized police training program
  • have a grade 12 education (Academic Math and English or GED equivalent)
  • be free of a criminal record

PROS training would be an asset.

Application Process

If you meet the pre-requisites, forward your resume and cover letter identifying any additional assets you may possess that would be an asset to APD along with copies (originals will not be returned) of the documents listed below to:

Amherst Police Department
21 Havelock Street
Amherst, Nova Scotia
B4H 0E5

Attention: Recruiting Officer
or via e-mail to the attention of the Chief of Police: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

  • Birth Certificate
  • Driver's License
  • Current Motor Vehicle Driver's Abstract (must be valid within 3 months of application deadline)
  • Academic Grade 12 transcript
  • Certificate from a police training program 
  • Valid standard first aid certificate
  • Valid CPR Level "C" certificate
  • Typing certificate from a recognized facility showing 25 words per minute in a 3- or 5-minute test 
  • Three letters of reference (professional)

Where do I get these certifications?

You or someone in your family should have copies of your birth certificate, academic Grade 12 transcript and your driver's license. You can apply for and get your driver's abstract by visiting any Access Nova Scotia office. There is a nominal charge for this service. If you live outside of Nova Scotia, you can visit your local Motor Vehicle Registry office.

St. John Ambulance, the Canadian Red Cross and the Life Saving Society offer Standard First Aid and CPR training. A placement agency or school can conduct a typing test.

Competition Process

Only applicants selected to take part in the competition process will be contacted.

Written Exam

Applicants must complete a written exam. The exam is designed to assess the applicant's knowledge in the area that relates directly to policing. This will include but not be limited to the Criminal Code, Other Federal Statutes, police tactics/procedures, and case law. No reference material will be available to the applicant when writing the exam.

Board Interview

The interview is designed to assess if the applicant possesses the competencies required to be a member of the Amherst Police Department. The interview consists of behavioural-based scenario questions. Behavioural questions require the candidate to provide specific examples from their life experience.

APD competencies are:

Knowledge & Abilities, Motivation/Conscientiousness, Personal Effectiveness, Interpersonal Skills/Teamwork, Common Sense/Judgement, Leadership, Integrity/Honesty/Impartiality, Sensitivity/Acceptance, Adaptability/ Flexibility, Communication Skills

Reference Checks/Security Clearances

Applicants will be investigated to determine if they are suited for a position with the Amherst Police Department. Applicants will be required to provide a list of professional references. The department will be speaking with previous employers, supervisors and co-workers, police and non-police. You will be required to sign a consent form that authorizes the Amherst Police Department to interview references.

Conditional Offer of Employment

The successful applicants will be provided a conditional offer of employment and will commence employment with the department. The continuation of employment with APD is dependent on the applicant completing all the requirements of the conditional offer of employment within the allotted time frames.

The conditions are:

Polygraph - A polygraph examination will be arranged by APD. The results of the polygraph examination must support that the applicant’s ethics and character are suitable to be a member of APD.

PARE Testing - Applicants must complete the Physical Abilities Requirement Evaluation. Not required if completed within the past 12 months. Documentation of proof required.

Financial Background/Credit Check - Applicant must provide a current Credit Report provided by Equifax or Trans Union.

Medical Exam - Applicants must successfully meet the standards of the Amherst Police Department, and the Province of Nova Scotia. The medical exam will be conducted by a physician designated by APD.

Eye Exam - Applicants must successfully meet the vision standards of APD as follows:

  • Uncorrected Vision: (without eyewear and without squinting): 6/18 (20/60) in each eye, or 6/12 (20/40) in one eye and up to 6/30 (20/100) in the other.
  • Corrected Vision: (with eyewear) 6/6 (20/20) in one eye and up to 6/9 (20/30) in the other.
  • Colour Vision: must be normal (assessed on an individual basis). Visual Fields: must be normal.
  • Laser Surgery: Candidates who have undergone Excimer Laser Photorefractive Keratectomy (P.R.K.) or Laser corrective surgery must provide written proof from a recognized optometrist confirming the following criteria:
    • The visual acuity standards are met
    • There are no corneal opacities, double vision, halo or glare problems
    • Night vision has been tested and found to be normal
    • The candidate has not undergone any laser or other corrective surgery for a full 3 months before the examination

Primary Residence - Police personnel must reside within 20 km of Amherst. A period of 12 months is provided for compliance with this condition.

Experienced Officers

APD does accept applications from experienced officers. The same hiring process is used for all applicants. If an experienced officer is hired, they may be eligible for a starting salary above Level 1 on the pay scale depending on the length and type of policing experience.