Arts, culture and heritage are important to Amherst’s economy and quality of life. Effective leadership, strong policy, and inviting events and opportunities, celebrate and protect the unique character of the Town; attract residents and tourists; and promote Amherst as the gateway to Nova Scotia’s culture and heritage. Our Arts, Culture & Heritage Strategy outlines several outcomes that we work toward in partnership with community organizations:

  • A vibrant and diversified economy.
  • An interesting and active downtown.
  • An increase in visitors and tourists to Amherst.
  • A town attractive to new residents and exciting for all residents.
  • A business sector connected to and supportive of arts, culture and heritage.
  • Many volunteers engaged in the delivery of arts, culture and heritage.
  • Opportunities for personal growth and development.
  • Wide appreciation of the contribution arts, cultural and heritage makes to the wellbeing of the Town.
  • Development of authentically “Amherst” arts, culture and heritage.
  • Preservation and celebration of Amherst’s built and cultural heritage.

African Heritage Month 2022

 The Town of Amherst recognizes African Heritage Month for the month of February. 

The 2022 provincial theme, Through Our Eyes: The Voices of African Nova Scotians, recognizes the longstanding history of people of African Descent in the development of Canada. This theme explores and examines the effects of anti-Black racism, and honours the voices of African Nova Scotians who blazed the trail for change.

This year the celebration will be recognized virtually. 



Essay and Poster Contest 

The town hosted an Essay and Poster Contest for all students who attends a school within the Town of Amherst. Congratulations to our essay winner Aryahna David and poster winner Payton Church. 

AHM essay winner Aryahna David web sizeAHM poster winner Payton Church websize

Take and Make Craft - Kente Textile 

Kente refers to a Ghanaian textile, made of handwoven cloth, strips of silk and cotton. The wearing of Kente cloth has become widespread to commemorate special occasions, with highly sought after Kente brands led by master weavers. 

Pick up your Take and Make Kente Textile Craft from Amherst Town Hall, 98 Victoria St. E., from Feb. 7 - 10. Find the instructional video here and on the Amherst Recreation Facebook page on Feb. 7