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The Town of Amherst Building Inspector has authority to inspect houses and commercial buildings so as to ensure compliance with the plans, standards and regulations, and check workmanship. People want to live and work in safe places, so the Building Inspector ensures that construction meets codified requirements.

Building Inspection Protocol during the COVID-19 pandemic

As the Province of Nova Scotia is under an official state of emergency (SOE), protocols are required in order to comply with the requirements of the SOE, to ensure employee well-being and safety and to allow for a level of continued building inspection services where possible.  

Therefore, these protocols will be in place during the Covid-19 pandemic and until further notice: (Note: these protocols will be continuously reviewed and subject to change at any time.)

  • All building inspections, without prior written consent of the Interim CAO, are suspended;
  • Certain inspections may be authorized under the following conditions:
    • The inspection is required in order to continue with work on the site,
    • The inspection can take place when the building has been vacated by all occupants;
    • All social distancing procedures as recommend by the Provincial Medical Officer of Health can and shall be observed,
    • Dwelling units that have been lived in within the past 14 days will not be inspected
    • All equipment used during the inspection will be cleaned and wiped down.
  • The Town of Amherst reserves the right to reschedule any inspection to ensure the safety of the public and its employees. 


To fill out an online Building & Property Services Complaint Form, for complaints under the Dangerous & Unsightly Premises Policy, Solid Waste Bylaw, Land-Use Bylaw, Building Bylaw or Minimal Standards for Residential Occupanies, please go to: 

To fill out an online application for a Building, Development or Demolition Permit, please go to:


If you chose not to use the online forms and wish to download them in order to be, printed, filled out and returned later via normal mail or email, please click on the links below.

Building and property services complaint form

Building / Development Permit Guide

Building Permit Application

Demolition Permit Application

Deck forms

If you are building a deck, one of the forms below must be printed, filled out and returned to the town, with the building permit application, via regular mail or email.

NOTE: The design within the forms is for illustration and information purposes only. Each circumstance is unique, which may result in other designs being more applicable. The Town of Amherst is not liable for damages resulting from the design.

Detached Deck Plans

Attached Deck Plans


To request a building inspection, please contact:

Marc Buske, Building Official

Phone: (902) 694-2318
Fax: (902) 667-5409
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.