CAO’s Office

Chief Administrative Officer: Jason MacDonald 

The Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) is appointed by council to assist in setting the direction of the Town of Amherst by providing guidance and advice – based on best practices and emerging trends in municipal government.

He works closely with his counterparts in other municipalities, as well as with federal and provincial government officials on a variety of issues affecting theJason MacDonald B Town of Amherst.

The CAO also directs and co-ordinates the general management of the business affairs of the town, overseeing the work of all municipal employees, in accordance with the bylaws, policies and plans approved by Amherst town council, so that our programs and services meet the ever-changing needs of the community, while ensuring fiscal responsibility.

About Jason MacDonald

Before becoming the Chief Administrative Officer in June 2021, MacDonald joined the Town of Amherst and the Municipality of Cumberland in 1999 as a land-use planner. He worked in that capacity until he became the town’s planning manager in 2001.

In 2003, MacDonald was appointed to the position of director of planning and development. In 2008, he assumed the role of director of planning and engineering services following the retirement of longtime town engineer Ron Patterson.

In 2014, MacDonald was appointed deputy-CAO-operations, adding the management of the town’s Public Works Department, and for a short while the Amherst Fire Department, to his duties.

With the resignation in 2019 of Bill Schurman, the town’s former recreation director, MacDonald added the management of recreational facilities to his duties. Another change in his duties occurred in 2020 when he took over the management of the town’s community well-being team following the resignation of Chief Financial Officer Shelley Rector. He became the town's interim CAO in April 2021 following the resignation of longtime CAO Greg Herrett.

Expenses (Recurring)

MacDonald Recurring Expenses Summary

Expenses (Travel Claims)

MacDonald 20231024 EMO Workshop Truro

MacDonald 20231030 River Philip Foundation Meeting Oxford

MacDonald 20231117 Meeting with Quebec Major Junior Officials Moncton

MacDonald 20230929 APA Pension Plan Meeting Dartmouth

MacDonald 20230922 Northern Region Meeting Springhill

MacDonald 20230915 Rules of Order Meeting Process Workshop Yarmouth

MacDonald 20230907 Meet with Crossroads Owner Pugwash

MacDonald 20230819 Meet with Potential Developer

MacDonald 20230719 Cumberland Colchester Immigration & Population Growth meeting Masstown

MacDonald 20230615 AMA Conference Truro

MacDonald 20230613 Nichent Energy Meeting Dartmouth 

MacDonald 20230601 CAMA Conference Ontario

MacDonald 20230528 FCM Conference Toronto

MacDonald 20230505 Meeting in Bridgewater and NSFM Conference Digby

MacDonald 20230425 Bill Schurman Funeral Summerside

MacDonald 20230323 Meet with Developer Dartmouth

MacDonald 20230127 Non profit Affordable Housing Meeting Truro

MacDonald 20230106 CJSMA Windup Meeting Springhill

MacDonald 20230104 Meet with Developer Dartmouth

MacDonald 20221221 Planning Research Moncton

MacDonald 20221104 NSFM Fall Conference Halifax

MacDonald 20221028 Meet with Municipal Advisor Dartmouth

MacDonald 20221010 Police Chiefs CAOs meeting Truro

MacDonald 20220923 AMA Fall Conference Syndey

MacDonald 20220909 Municipal Advisory Meeting Dartmouth

MacDonald 20220819 Meeting with Developer Bedford

MacDonald 20220729 Meet with Developer Dartmouth

MacDonald 20220713 CAOs meeting Port Howe

MacDonald 20220623 Cumberland Business Connector AGM Fox Harbour

MacDonald 20220620 Mayors CAO Meeting Oxford

MacDonald 20220617 AMA Conference Oak Island

MacDonald 20220606 Developer Meeting Moncton

MacDonald 20220507 Meeting with Developer

MacDonald 20220506 NSFM Conference White Point

MacDonald 20220429 Potential Consultant meeting Truro

MacDonald 20211007 AMA Fall Conference Dartmouth

MacDonald 20210910 Mayor CAO meeting Springhill

MacDonald 20210902 MacDonald Mayor CAO meeting Springhill

MacDonald 20210820 Turner Drake meeting


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