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Town of Amherst conducts salary review, reorganizes staff

A comprehensive review of town salaries has resulted in the Amherst town council recently approving the reclassification of several positions into higher salary grid levels.

The positions to be reclassified are:

  • Administrative Assistant – CWB/Clerk’s Office, to Level 3 on the salary classification grid from Level 2.
  • Capital Asset Co-ordinator/property manager to Level 7 from Level 5. The name of the position is to be changed to Engineering Technologist.
  • Facilities manager to Level 6 from Level 5.
  • GIS Co-ordinator to Level 5 from Level 3.
  • Procurement co-ordinator to Level 4 from Level 3.
  • Transportation Foreman to Level 7 from Level 5. The name of the position is to be changed to Public Works Foreman.
  • Corporate Communications Officer to Level 4 from Level 3.
  • Revenue Officer to Level 4 from Level 3
  • Criminal Record Check clerk to Level 2 from Level 1.

The town’s salary grid has nine levels, each of which has eight steps. As an example, the salaries in Level 4 range from $52,037 in Step 1 to $61,273 in Step 8.

Council believes the reclassification puts the town’s salary scale in-line with comparable municipal units, provides staff the space to advance along the salary scale as their careers progress and supports employee morale by compensating staff fairly, which stabilizes the potential for employee loss.

Municipal Reorganization and appointment of directors

Council approved a restructuring of departments and positions in order to address gaps and vacancies within the organization and to encourage positive organizational change.

The restructuring will see the removal of the chief financial officer, director of solid waste and bylaw enforcement, senior accountant, human resources and horticulturalist positions.

A Department of Community Living will be created to carry out council’s priorities in relation to diversity, inclusion and equity, improving accessibility, poverty reduction, Amherst Youth Town Council and community events programming.

The restructuring will also result in the creation of five new positions:

  • Director, Finance
  • Director, Human Resources and Customer Service
  • Director, Community Living
  • Human Resources Administrator
  • Parks and Recreation Foreman.

The restructuring will result in just over $6,000 in annual savings, with no net change in the number of positions. No existing employees will lose their job.

Council also approved the appointments of Sara Wilson to the position of Director, Finance and Krista Crossman, to the position of Director, Human Resources and Customer Services. Both are dedicated, longtime employees who have provided exemplary service to the town.

An external competition will require to fill the Director, Community Living position. The search will start in the near future.

Appointment of Fire Inspector

Council approved the appointment Marty Furlong, a longtime Amherst firefighter, to the position of Municipal Fire Inspector as required by the Nova Scotia Fire Safety Act.

Furlong replaces Mark Goodwin, who recently resigned.