What's Up Rec?

There’s lots to do to chase away the winter blues

Does it feel like this Winter is never going to end?

Try to stay away from those Winter Blues by getting out and being active!

Movement and activity will keep your mind and body feeling its best. By maintaining good physical, social and mental heath, you will have increased energy levels, improved sleep habits, reduced stress levels, improved digestion and be able to maintain a healthy body weight.

It’s easy to make excuses like, “It’s too cold out;” “It’s too icy” or “I’m too busy.” However, doing a little planning could help you get through the next few months and ready for summer!BB walk 2 B

Find a fun winter activity. Try something new or bring a friend to an activity you love.

Stay hydrated and insulated

It’s important to stay hydrated because even in the cold our bodies need water even if you don’t feel thirsty. Herbal tea is a warm alternative, too. It’s also important to insulate your body by dressing in layers when venturing out in the cold. Wear a hat, gloves and proper waterproof footwear.

On those messy wet days, look for indoor activities such as the stadium indoor walking track, fitness classes or swimming at the Cumberland YMCA, classes or workshops, or create your own home gym. Take the stairs when you can, and no you don’t need to find the closest parking spot to where you are going. Every step counts!

Many ways to stay active

Looking for ideas? There are many ways to stay active in Amherst by visiting one of the facilities or simply just going for a walk on one of the trails in the area.  Walking is the most popular way to stay active for all ages. 

Take advantage of The Big Block Walk, which is located in downtown Amherst.  One loop around Church, Victoria, Havelock and Prince Arthur streets is 0.7 kilometres.  This is an area that is kept clear and salted all year round, so people have a space to walk and get some fresh air - even on those messy winter days.

Another great place to walk or run is the Amherst Stadium where our indoor walking/running track has extended hours and is open daily.

 So, rain or shine, you are still able to get those laps in.

Skating, a healthy way to stay fit

Skating is a great way to improve endurance and helps build strength and the Amherst Stadium has a full schedule of FREE public skates for all ages, including adult & senior and parents & tots skates in the mornings and After the Bell skates in the afternoons.

Stick curl 3 BHave you always wanted to learn how to skate or get back into skating after years off the ice? Join us on Tuesdays at the Amherst Stadium at 12:15pm for the Learn to Skate program where we provide a safe place to skate with some instruction and guidance. 

Helmets are required at the stadium and are available for lending at no charge.

The downtown outdoor skating surface has been very popular. It is getting used by many recreational skaters. Evening skates are lit by mini lights that shine through the trees.

Snowshoeing, hiking fun ways to keep healthy

You can borrow snowshoes from the Amherst Stadium, Cumberland YMCA or Four Fathers Library at no charge.

The Amherst & Area Trail Committee is focused on developing and promoting all the trails in the area for walking, running, and some biking.

The Town’s Active Transportation five-year plan implementation will continue to improve trails/sidewalks in our community this spring.

The YMCA of Cumberland offers a wide range of services including full swimming and fitness classes. The YMCA Full of Life program provides a safe environment where seniors and youth can participate in fitness, recreation and social activities free of charge, including pickleball, line dancing and crafts.

What's happening

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