Taylor Ford thanked for doctor retention, recruitment help

Last week, Taylor Ford Amherst held a Drive for Health fundraising event in support of local physician recruitment and retention, as well as Cumberland healthcare professionals’ recruitment and retention committee.  

For each test drive, Taylor Ford donated $50. At days end, the total came to just shy of $5,000.

Owner Jeff Taylor has informed Mayor David Kogon that they are topping up the donation to $10,000.Ford 1 BCD

"As Mayor, and a member of the physician recruitment committee, I cannot thank Taylor Ford enough for their generosity and community spirit," Kogon said. "The committees’ efforts could not succeed without financial support, so this event was very welcomed.

"Deputy-Mayor Sheila Christie, a member of the physician retention committee and the healthcare professionals’ recruitment and retention committee, works for Taylor Ford.  She, General Manager Steve Smith and Floor Manager Mike Morris were key players in this event. They get my heartfelt thanks, as do all the other staff at Taylor Ford who participated.  

"I would also like to acknowledge the day-long efforts of numerous committee members and others who volunteered to help with the event.

"Those of us who were involved are proud of working with Taylor Ford and ensuring it was a clean COVID-friendly event."