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Public Meeting: Active Transportation Plan - June 8th

Effective active transportation throughout the community is a high priority for the Town of Amherst. Active Transportation routes help Amherst in its goal of being the most active, healthy community in Nova Scotia and feed into Amherst's Physical Activity Strategy and Recreation Master Plan. Please join the Town of Amherst on June 8th for a public meeting on the Draft Active Transportation Plan. Your input is necessaryto help make Amherst a more mobile, active and attractive place to live, work and play!

 DRAFT Active Transportation Plan

Where: Community Credit Union Business Innovation Centre

When: June 8, 7-9pm 

Active Transportation has several benefits for quality of life in small and rural communities.  Below are a few examples of the benefits:
• It improves public health by fighting obesity and chronic illness like heart disease and Type 2 Diabetes.
• It offers independent mobility to children, youth, seniors, low-income families and persons with disabilities.
• Economic benefits include reducing the cost of transportation and attracting tourists.
• It enhances street life, increasing citizen interaction and improves personal security
• It is emission-free, making it a powerful weapon against climate change and air pollution.

Active Transportation is human- powered travel. The term refers primarily to walking and cycling, but also to wheelchairing, in-line skating, skateboarding, cross-country skiing and even kayaking or canoeing.