Media Releases

Youth town council members appointed

Amherst town council approved the appointments to the Amherst Youth Town council for the 21-22 school year when it met on Monday, June 28, 2021.

New members appointed to two-year terms are: Alexis Landry, Kendaylynn Brown, Leah Brunt, Madeleine Davage, Halley Humphrey and Oskar Sigtryggsson.

Rowan Blanch, who has previously served on the youth council, was also appointed to a new two-year term.

Returning members completing the final year of their two-year terms are: Serah Quinn, Olivia Pulsifer, Kennedy Allen and Aurelia Mitchell.

Canada Day

Out of respect of the grief Indigenous communities are feeling in the wake of the Residential School tragedy and in support of those communities, the Amherst town council approves a motion to pause the community’s traditional July 1 events.

In addition, the motion encourages all town residents to use the holiday to reflect on what has taken place across the country and how we can all move forward in a spirit if peace, truth and reconciliation.

The motion also directed staff to begin discussion with the local Indigenous community regarding a commemorative plaque, or other type of appropriate recognition, for the lost children.

The council, noting that Canada was, is and will remain a great nation with much to be proud of, said the Town of Amherst is committed to working with our Indigenous peoples and all members and groups of our community to ensure that everyone can live in a peaceful, respectful, equitable manner and are able to reach their full potential.

Council believes that by respectfully working together, we can ensure the strengths that make Canada the great nation it is are available to all of it citizens.

Solar for Community Buildings

Council approved changes to its Solar for Community Buildings agreements with the Clean Foundation and the Nova Scotia Energy Department that will see the erection of solar panels moved to new sites.

Initially, the sites selected for the panels were the Amherst fire and police station roofs. However, further investigation revealed both sites are not usable because natural gas lines are on the roof of each building.

Under the terms of the agreements, the location for the solar panels can be moved. The new locations are next to the town’s water reservoir tanks and the access road to the town’s wastewater treatment facility.

Council also approved entering into a system supply, install and commission agreement with Thermo Dynamics Ltd. for both projects at a cost of $190,730 for each project.

Once completed, the proposed solar panel sites will produce electricity that will be sold to Nova Scotia Power via a 20-year power purchase agreement that will generate an estimated $136,000 in revenue for the town over the life of the project.

The council believes the Solar for Community Buildings program is a unique opportunity for the town to produce and sell green energy for a profit while showing leadership in emission reduction and addressing climate change.

Dr. & Mrs. H.E. Christie Community Foundation request

Council approved a request by the Dr. & Mrs. H.E. Christie Community Foundation that will see the town accept a $12,500 donation from the foundation with the condition that it be forwarded to the Amherst Little League Baseball Club.

Under provincial regulations, the baseball club cannot receive funding directly from the foundation because the club is not a registered charity. However, because the town is a

registered charity, regulations allow it to accept the donation and then forward it to the club.

The town has done this in the past and, like previous occasions, this transaction will improve access to physical activity and group programming for Amherst and area youth.

Capital Paving Tender

Council awarded a capital paving tender to Classic Construction Ltd., the lowest compliant bidder, in the amount of $627,700 plus HST.

Dangerous or Unsightly Premises Policy revisions

Council approved revisions to the town’s Dangerous and Unsightly Premises policy.

The current policy reflects a level of dangerous and unsightly premises enforcement that is complaint based. The revisions will make the policy more proactive as it requires the Dangerous and Unsightly Premises administrator to survey all town streets twice a year in order to identify dangerous or unsightly premises.

The revisions also outline the priorities the administrator is to follow, the top priority being dangerous properties, followed by properties for which a written complaint has been received and then properties identified by the administrator.

Spring Street Infrastructure renewal tender

Council awarded the Spring Street Infrastructure Renewal Project tender to Bowsers’ Construction Ltd., the lowest complaint bidder, in the amount of $373,891.

The project will see the water and sewer mains, the subgrade and asphalt replaced on Spring Street between Croft and Church Streets.

Lion’s Park memorandum of understanding

Council approved a memorandum of understanding between the Town of Amherst and the Amherst Lions Club on the future operation of the Lions Park on Hickman Street.

Both parties felt a memorandum was required as the development stage of the park will be completed with the installation of a basketball court this summer.

The memorandum focuses on the requirement needed to operate and maintain the facility in the future and identifies the obligation of both parties. It will see the town continue to maintain the park, while the club contributes financially to the park’s repair and improvements.