Amherst Mayor David Kogon and Cumberland County Warden Allison Gillis have declared Nov. 20 to Nov. 26 Municipal Awareness Week in the two communities.

Municipal Awareness proclamation

The two municipal leaders have signed a proclamation that declared:

  • Whereas municipal government is responsible for the provision of services that enhance the quality of life of its citizens; and
  • Whereas dedicated mayors, wardens, councillors and staff are essential for the effective governance of their municipalities; and
  • Whereas citizen involvement is essential for an active community; and
  • Whereas it is fitting and proper to recognize and encourage the contribution of all who work diligently for the improvement of municipalities;
  • Therefore, David Kogon, Mayor of the Town of Amherst, and Allison Gillis, Warden of the Municipality of Cumberland, hereby proclaim that the week of November 20-26, 2017, be known as Municipal Awareness Week in recognition of the vital role of municipal government and in recognition of all whose efforts support it.

To mark the week, the two communities are holding a special event to display some of the equipment and resources, such as fire trucks and police cars, used by the two municipalities to provide services to their citizens.

The event is being held at the Amherst Stadium on Nov. 23 from 2-4 p.m.

Other communities across the province are also celebrating Municipal Awareness Week, which is sponsored by the Union of Nova Scotia Municipalities.