What's Up Rec?

May 11, 2018: May flowers are among us!

May flowers are among us! We are sure you can agree with us that it is nice to see the sun shining and the temperature rising into the double digits. The spring rains followed by a few sunny days sure have greened things up, lots of trees are in flower with leaves about to unfurl and tulip buds are bursting. Amherst Recreation has been busy spring cleaning within our many parks, greenspaces, and throughout our gardens.

Our seasonal parks students are now on board and ready to lead our community by example through hard work and a little elbow grease to help create a cleaner, tidier and overall healthier Amherst. Students could be seen this week picking up litter off of our streets, in our brooks and ditches, and within our parks. Removal of leaf litter left over from the fall is being raked and removed to help the grass underneath get a healthy start this spring and the bare spots left behind from winter damage will soon be levelled with topsoil and seeded with grass seed. Plant debris that was purposely left standing to provide winter interest is currently being cut down to the ground to allow for healthy new growth this growing season.

The time is now to get our hands dirty, by digging deep into the soil, dividing perennials, and adding compost and fertilizer into the flowerbeds and on turf to help promote healthy soil which in turn will lead to healthier roots and overall stronger and healthier plant growth this season. Spring flowering shrubs such as forsythia, lilacs, and deutzias will be pruned back by 1/3 once they finish putting on their beautiful spring floral displays. As we continue on with our spring cleaning we hope that you will join forces with us and help us in our quest to be the healthiest, most active community in Nova Scotia by getting outside and helping to keep Amherst clean, green, and tidy.

We are working hard to get our facilities up and running, as weather permits, and hope to see Robb Complex and our other playing fields available for use in the coming weeks. Lions Park and Church St tennis courts are now back into full swing and are getting great use from residents and visitors alike. Lions Park Tennis courts are currently open daily from 10am- 8pm. We will continue with our annual spring clean up in the parks this week in Rotary Park, Christie Park, Curry Park, and Lions Park. Stay up to date on the what’s happening with parks and facilities through our Amherst Recreation Facebook page.

We are very happy to see that our pet waste stations are being well used throughout the town. The use of these stations helps to limit the amount of pet waste on our streets and in our neighbourhoods. They are conveniently located downtown at Havelock St. & Victoria St., on the corner of East Victoria and Willow St., Rotary Park, Dickey Park, Strawberry Fields Park, corner of Beacon St. & Church St., Robert Angus Dr., and at the corner of Hickman St. & West Victoria St.

We will be carrying out routine spring maintenance on our walking trails and walking tracks in the coming weeks to repair washouts and winter damage and ask that you bare with us during this time. If you should happen to notice areas requiring attention please kindly forward your concerns or comments to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 902-667-6500. There are so many great opportunities to get outdoors and be active within our community and we hope you will take full advantage of all the great parks and facilities that are open for your use.  

Learn what is happening around the community by visiting amherst.ca for our free community events listing and follow us on Facebook and twitter. If you have questions, community events and information to share, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 902-667-6500. Here is a taste of what’s happening around Amherst:

  • Highland Fling Hospital Fundraiser
  • Dayle’s Grand Market Block Party
  • 2nd Annual Cumberland County Pet Expo
  • YMCA Pickleball