Major Crime Unit and Cumberland Street Crime Enforcement Unit

The Major Crime Unit has been a part of the Amherst Police Department since January of 2000 and is responsible for investigations that are extensive in nature. These include serious and historical sexual assaults, serious assaults, homicides, complex frauds, armed robberies, break and enters and other major incidents

Investigations conducted by the MCU routinely include search warrants, production orders, statement analysis, DNA profiles, Violent Crime Analysis and other evidence gathering initiatives.

The Major Crime Unit works with different partners and agencies when investigating crimes and will sometimes include other units of the department such as the patrol section and the Cumberland Street Crime Enforcement Unit.

Intelligence gathering and education is also included in the mandate for the members of the Major Crime Unit. By monitoring criminal activity and offender trends, The MCU develops enforcement strategies and provides assistance to local businesses by identifying problems of criminal activity such as fraud, theft, counterfeiting, and internal thefts. It may also assist in formulating solutions to benefit the security of these businesses.

Cumberland Street Crime Enforcement Unit (SCEU)

Crime does not respect jurisdictional/provincial boundaries. In an effort to combat the spread of criminal activities that affect both the town of Amherst as well as the entire region, a team was formed that could help provide a solution to this problem.

The Cumberland SCEU is a integrated unit comprised of members from the Amherst Police Department, the Springhill Police Service and the Cumberland RCMP. The Cumberland Street Crime Unit is responsible for the enforcement and investigation of ‘street’ level crime. Their areas of concern include various community problems such as, drugs, tobacco, liquor and serious Criminal Code investigations such as break and enters and armed robberies.

Since the creation of the Street Crime Enforcement Unit in the Spring of 2007, the Unit has been involved in numerous investigations that saw the unit members working throughout Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island.