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Cumberland Central Landfill Sale Transaction with GFL Environmental Inc. Approved

Amherst, Oxford and the Municipality of Cumberland each held meetings on June 29, 2021, to approve the sale of the Cumberland Central Landfill to GFL Environmental Inc. for $3 million. The sale transaction includes the landfill site and the septage treatment facility. Subject to the transaction conditions being met, the sale transaction will close on September 1, 2021.

“On behalf of Mayor Scott and Mayor Henley, I can tell you this transaction holds exciting prospects for the region. We will see the positive impact for taxpayers for years to come, rather than continue to be faced with unknown costs,” said Mayor David Kogon, Town of Amherst.

The three municipal councils decided in early 2020 to explore divesting themselves of the landfill due to increasing waste management costs and environmental risks. Solid waste management and disposal is an industry dependant on volume for profit. Demographics in the Cumberland region and increasing regulations suggest that the per unit costs for waste disposal would rise significantly without intervention. GFL is one of the largest environmental services companies in North America allowing for the necessary volume to allow citizens and businesses of the Cumberland region access to better long-term per unit costs.

One of the guiding principles of the divesture process was continued employment for Cumberland Joint Services Management Authority (CJSMA) staff at the site.

“It is important we retain employment opportunities here in the region. From the very beginning we all recognized the significance of maintaining the current CJSMA workforce,” said Mayor Murray Scott, Municipality of Cumberland.

Terms of the sale include a five per cent royalty to the three municipal units on waste received from other jurisdictions for the next 25 years. Tipping fees will be regulated over the 25-year agreement as well. Increases in tipping fees are limited to the consumer price index for Nova Scotia. This also applies to liquid waste septage receiving.

“We have set in place solid planning for a generation. Twenty-five years of royalties and the potential for future employment is a good thing for our region,” said Mayor Greg Henley, Town of Oxford.

GFL is the fourth largest diversified environmental services company in North America, providing a comprehensive line of non-hazardous solid waste management, infrastructure & soil remediation, and liquid waste management services through its platform of facilities throughout Canada and in 27 states in the United States. Across its organization, GFL has a workforce of more than 15,000.