Media Releases

Council approves development agreements

Two development agreements were given second and final readings by Amherst town council when it met on Monday, April 26, 2021.

The first was for the creation of a garden suite in an existing accessory building at 11 Victor Ave. The second was for the conversion of a building at 15 Clinton St. that currently has three dwelling units into one that has four dwelling units.

Both development agreements were the subject of a public participation opportunity on Feb. 3, 2021, a first reading the Amherst town council on March 22, 2021 and a public hearing on April 14, 2021.

Entering into the development agreements for both projects was also recommended by the town’s planning advisory committee.

Housing development given first reading 

A proposed development agreement that would allow the construction of three, six-unit dwellings on Lot 19-3B, located between Dusker Way and Dickey Street, was given first reading by Amherst town council.

A public participation opportunity to discuss the proposed development was held on March 3, 2021. Twelve people attended the session, including the owner of the property and three members of the public.

The town’s planning advisory committee has recommended council enter into the agreement, provided an engineered storm water management plan is included in the development agreement. This condition has been met.

A public hearing and a second reading must be carried out before the agreement receives final approval. It is expected both will happen during the month of May.

Sale of 31 West Pleasant St. 

The council approved the sale of 31 West Pleasant St. to the operator of Mullins House for $6,000, subject to the execution of the purchase of 27 West Pleasant St. by the operators of Mullins House.

The property was acquired by the town in a tax sale in 1981 and declared surplus in 2006.

Amherst Youth Town Council policy amended 

Three amendments to the town’s Amherst Youth Town Council policy were approved by the council during the meeting.

One of the amendments would see the advertisement for Amherst Youth Town Council members to be issued in April instead of June. Another would see the members of the youth council appointed in September rather than in November.

A third adds a clause that ensures inclusion and diversity are considered when appointing new members to the youth council.

Joint council community economic development strategy 

A joint community economic development strategy was approved by the council.

The strategy involves the towns of Amherst and Oxford, the Municipality of the County of Cumberland and the Cumberland Business Collector. It details how the parties to the strategy will address economic development through collaboration and co-operation.

Power Grid

Council directed staff to send a letter to Nova Scotia Power expressing the town’s concerns about power outages in Amherst and the area’s power grid.

Council decided to send the letter after receiving several complaints from the public about power outages.

The letter also asked the power company to provide the town with its plans to improve service delivery and reliability in the Amherst area.