Our department has continued to grow and evolve to better meet the needs of our citizens. We recognize that a healthy economy starts at the grassroots level, and people are the primary drivers of successful endeavours.

The departmental mandate takes a broader approach to development, recognizing that quality of life issues have a major impact on how we not only see ourselves, but how others see us.

There are three (3) main areas of focus:

Encouraging new investment

  • Market and promote Amherst as a first-class location for business and industry, encouraging new development and growth.
  • Collect, interpret and distribute strategic economic data and market statistics to support business decision-making.
  • Assist investors with site selection, including information regarding infrastructure and by-law requirements.
  • Facilitate contacts within Municipal Departments and all levels of government.

Support existing businesses

  • Maintain regular contact with the business community to identify needs and challenges to improve the overall business climate.
  • Provide information to the business community regarding government programs and services available.
  • Support local business events and community initiatives.

Community & Tourism Development

  • Develop, and evaluate sports and leisure activities, programs and special events for the enjoyment of the community
  • Liaison with other government agencies, community groups and organization to provide opportunities to contribute positively to civic pride and/or the economy.
  • Market and promote the community as an active, vibrant place to be.
  • Maintain strong partnerships with all stakeholders to attract additional tourism traffic to our community.
  • Support the development and expansion of community and private sector infrastructure which will strengthen and expand our tourism sector.