Amherst town council awards Willow Street reconstruction tender

Amherst town council awarded the Willow Street reconstruction project to Beale and Inch Construction Limited during a special meeting of council on July 23.

Beale and Inch’s $1.8-million bid was the lowest of five qualified bids the town received from contractors when the tender closed on July 12.

The town budgeted just over $2.3 million for the project, with slightly more than $1.7 million being provided by the federal-provincial Clean Water and Wastewater Fund and $535,000 from the town.

The project includes the replacement of the water main between Spring and East Pleasant streets, the replacement of a collapsed sewer main south of Water Purdy Drive, the replacement of the Dickey Brook culvert on Willow Street and the repaving of Willow Street between Spring Street and Amherst Regional High School.

Replacing the existing 100-year-old infrastructure will reduce water loss due to line breaks and reduce the amount of storm water entering the sanitary sewer system.