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 Amherst hands out community support grants

More than $83,000 in Community Support and ‘A’ Fresh Start Initiative grants were handed out by the Town of Amherst to 16 local organizations during an event in Victoria Square on Wednesday, July 14, 2021.

“Amherst wouldn’t function without these very active community organizations,” Mayor David Kogon said, on behalf of the members of Amherst town council.

“Their work, whether with children or adults, is priceless to this community. The groups presented with cheques here today truly help make Amherst a great place to live, work and play.”

The mayor noted the town always receives more requests than it can fulfill.Grant 6 B

“We would really like to do more, but budgetary constraints prevent us from doing so,” he said.

Assisting the mayor in handing out the cheques were Deputy-Mayor Hal Davidson and councillors Sheila Christie, Lisa Emery, George Baker and Dale Fawthrop.

Receiving Community Support Grants were:

  • Amherst Little League Baseball Assoc., $1,500, to help run the baseball program.

  • Amherst Little League T-Ball Baseball, $500, to help run the T-ball program.

  • Amherst Little League Baseball Assoc., $5,000, to assist with field upgrades.

  • Autumn House, $10,000, to help provide shelter to women and children experiencing family violence and programming for women, children and men working to overcome family violence.

  • Cumberland County Museum, $4,000, to help maintain the Cumberland County Museum.

  • Cumberland Early Intervention Program (Cumberland Smile & Shine), $500, to help run summer programs for children, youth and families with developmental delays.

  • Cumberland County Seniors Safety Program, $6,500, to help run their programs that serve the needs of seniors in Cumberland County.

  • Sexual Health Centre for Cumberland, $4,000, to help support their programs that promote healthy, informed attitudes towards sexual health.

  • Multicultural Association of Cumberland, $1,600, to assist in their program, which creates a welcoming environment for newcomers to the town.

  • Fire Fit, $5,000, to help host the Maritime Regional Fire fit event in the Town of Amherst.

  • Amherst Terry Fox Run, $475, to assist in operating the run.

  • Fundy Winds Marsh, $4,000, to assist the organization’s Family Fishing for Fun program by helping to provide a drilled well that will help fish habitat by improving water quality.

  • Food Assistance Network, $2,000, to help run their food program that helps feed those in need.

  • Eat Local Cumberland, $1,000, to assist the organization in operating the Amherst Community Garden.

  • After the School Bell Food Program, $3,500, to assist the organization’s food program for students.

  • Nova Scotia Community College, $20,000, for the college’s Make Way Campaign, which provides assistance to students in financial need.

Receiving ‘A’ Fresh Start Community Initiative Grants were:A Fresh 4 BC

  • Amherst Little League, $4,000, for equipment for new Girls at Bat program.

  • Bridge Adult Service Centre, $660, for Disability Pride Day.

  • Cumberland Museum Society, $2,880, for Nova Scotia Backyard Kitchen Party series.

  • Lillian Allbon Animal Shelter. $2,400, to help expand their Creepy Carnival fundraiser.

  • Fundy Marsh Winds, $4,084.80, to help design an accessible and safe outdoor space for community members.

The cheques presented to the ‘A’ Fresh Community Initiative Grant recipients represent 80 per cent of the total grant approved by the town council. The organizations will receive the final 20 per cent upon the completion of their events.